Smart Peak Flow – Asthma Monitoring & Management Device


Step into the future of respiratory management with the Smart Peak Flow, a digital peak expiratory flow meter designed for asthma patients. Seamlessly integrating with the Smart Asthma companion app, this device redefines the way you monitor and manage your asthma. 

Master Your Breathing with Smart Peak Flow:

  • Precision & Consistency: Harnessing the technology of time-tested spirometers, Smart Peak Flow delivers precise peak flow readings backed by medical-grade CE certified sensors.

  • Engage with Your Data: Easily record your peak flow, identify triggers, track symptoms, and understand your asthma patterns. Stay informed and proactive.

  • Alerts & Insights: Empower yourself with timely alerts about potential asthma attacks and get guidance on when you might need medical attention.

  • Seamless Sharing: Instantly connect with your respiratory care team, sharing vital data at the touch of a button, ensuring you always have a collaborative asthma management approach.

Empowerment in Wellness:

  • Tailored Insights: Explore the ‘Trigger’ feature in the companion app, understanding your asthma's reaction to diverse environments and activities.

  • Inclusive Design: The Smart Asthma companion app is ready for everyone, whether you're on Android or iOS. Crafted to cater to ages 5 and up.

Inside Your Package:

  • Smart Peak Flow Meter
  • Adapter for Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Reusable Mouthpiece
  • Comprehensive User Manual
  • Exclusive Smart Asthma App Subscription.

Redefine Your Asthma Journey with Smart Peak Flow:

From children to adults, athletes to everyday individuals, Smart Peak Flow offers a fresh perspective on asthma care. Breathe with confidence, understanding your triggers, and staying ahead of your symptoms.

Dive deep into the capabilities of Smart Peak Flow, and let every breath be a testament to empowered health. 

Device is covered by warranty for two years after purchase.