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We know the power of healthy sleep, which is why we source high quality and affordable CPAP Machines & Masks, and CPAP Alternatives from Australia and around the world.

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Drug-free solutions for asthma management, nausea, headaches, sports training, and respiratory health.

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Sleep & Feel Better with HomeMed

We are an Australian-owned online retailer specialising in clinically validated sleep, respiratory and wellness solutions so you can feel and sleep better. 

At HomeMed, we understand the profound impact of a good night's sleep on your overall health and wellbeing. Our selection includes not just CPAP machines and masks, but also skin-friendly SleepWeaver masks, anti-snoring devices, treatments for nausea and migraines, breath trainers, and high-performance cooling vests from industry-leading brands trusted by Australians for years.

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From the people

From the people

I get chronic seasickness but love to cruise. Usually I take medication but this time I didn’t have to use any. Was also good for the plane as I was able to read for the first time.
— Lindy MH

EmeTerm Explore
Anti-Nausea Band

Experience the power of advanced TENS technology with the EmeTerm Explore – your trusted companion against nausea. Expertly designed to combat a spectrum of nausea-inducing situations, from morning sickness to motion sickness and medically-induced nausea like chemotherapy, this wristband offers quick and reliable relief.

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