NightShift Lateral Sleep Positioner & Chest Belt Bundle Pack


Introducing a revolution in sleep health: the NightShift Lateral Sleep Positioner. This CPAP Alternative solution not only promises to minimise night disturbances, but also to deliver a renewed sleep experience.

By ensuring you stay out of the supine position, NightShift will help you achieve consistent, peaceful sleep, without snoring. 

Elevate Your Sleep with NightShift:

Personalised Comfort: NightShift offers you the choice of wearing the device around your neck or chest with both strap options included in the bundle. 

Intuitive Design: NightShift is attuned to your sleep patterns. If you drift into the supine position, it subtly vibrates, encouraging a position change, ensuring an uninterrupted rest.

Insightful Tracking: Greet each morning with more than just freshness. The NightShift companion app, available for Android and iOS, delivers detailed reports on your sleep quality and patterns, empowering you with knowledge.

How does NightShift Work?

NightShift is designed for those who only snore when sleeping on their backs. The device is worn around the neck or chest, and detects when you have rolled into the supine position, where it begins to deliver gentle vibrations.

These vibrations gradually intensify, prompting the sleeper to shift into a more beneficial sleep position. You also have the flexibility to program the device for immediate therapy or opt for a 15-minute delay.

Product Features:

  • NightShift Lateral Sleep Positioner Device
  • Convenient Storage Box
  • Adjustable Neck Strap
  • Adjustable Chest Strap 
  • Charging Cable
  • Comprehensive Instruction Guide. 

For those seeking alternatives to CPAP for treating Positional Sleep Apnea, the NightShift offers an effective solution. It can also be used with other sleep therapy devices such as Bongo Rx, CPAP machines, and MAS devices, ensuring optimised therapy results.

Choose NightShift for a sound sleep solution, free from disturbances.

Night Shift device is covered under warranty for one year after purchase, and straps are covered for 6 months from purchase.