Knightsbridge DUAL BAND™ Chin Strap: Elevate Your Comfort


Experience the comfort of the innovative chin strap design with the Knightsbridge DUAL BAND™ Chin Strap – touted as the most effective and comfortable chin strap available. 

Breaking away from conventional chin straps, the Knightsbridge is dual band design. Instead of wrapping around the chin's tip, which directs force into the jaw joint, the Knightsbridge strap gently lifts from under the jaw. It then seamlessly connects at the temples, resulting in a vertical force in line with the jaw's natural rotation. The beauty of this design is its ability to prevent the jaw from lowering without exerting undue pressure on the jaw joint.

Dual Band PREMIUM:

  • Features a breathable three-layer net-mesh cap, balancing strength and ventilation to the tee 
  • Advanced 24 component construction to meet the premium user's needs 
  • Available in three sizes, catering to diverse requirements.

The Knightsbridge DUAL BAND™ Chin Strap isn't just a chin strap; it's a reinvention. Step away from traditional constraints and embrace award-winning design, outstanding comfort, and unparalleled efficiency.