HyberNite Universal Heated CPAP Hose


The HyberNite Universal Heated CPAP Hose Tubing is compatible with all standard CPAP and BiPAP machines that use water-based humidifiers. This heated tube addresses common issues such as pressure fluctuations, waking up with a wet face, or gurgling noises from your mask or device.

The HyberNite's unique design manages condensation and rainout by maintaining a constant temperature inside the hose, rather than adjusting to your bedroom's temperature. It features copper wires embedded within the tubing walls, powered by its own supply, to uniformly heat the air, enhancing comfort without leading to condensation.

Included in the package are a power supply unit, an Australian power cord, the heated CPAP tube HyberNite Hose Tubing (6 feet), and the PowerPal ON/OFF switch for added convenience. The PowerPal is especially useful when your Hybernite is plugged into a hard-to-reach wall socket.

Key Features:

  • Reduces CPAP rainout by maintaining consistent tubing temperature.
  • Self-Powered: Operates independently with its own power supply.
  • Universal Fit: Works with all CPAP/BiPAP systems using a standard 22mm connection.
  • Heated Breathing Tube: Copper wires embedded in the tubing generate heat to maintain air temperature.
  • Enhances sleep comfort by providing warm and humidified air, reducing sleep disruptions.
  • Low flow resistance & high crush resistance.
  • Ultra-Flexible: Offers ease of use and enhanced comfort.
  • PowerPal for convenience: Adds a power switch at the tube end for easy access.

The Hybernite heated CPAP tubing is a simple yet innovative solution to enhance your sleep therapy, providing comfort and reducing disturbances due to rainout. This device uses its own mains power supply and can be easily turned on or off at the socket.

Note: The Hybernite is not compatible with Fisher & Paykel CPAP systems or devices that utilise a 15mm tube like the ResMed S9 or AirSense 10 series or 60 Series by Philips Respironics. 

Embrace a more comfortable sleep therapy experience with the HyberNite Universal Heated CPAP Hose Tubing, knowing you're using a safe and durable product.