Hushd Temporary MAS Device & SleepCare App

$89.00 $99.00

Welcome to the next level of sleep comfort with the Hushd Temporary MAS Device. If you've been searching for a remedy for mild to moderate sleep apnoea or aspire for more fulfilling sleep, Good Sleep Co has developed the perfect solution for you. 

Hushd is a boil-and-bite temporary solution that allows you to test drive a MAS device  before transitioning to a permanent MAS solution. Its groundbreaking design subtly shifts the lower jaw forward during sleep, making it an effective and accessible CPAP alternative.

Why Opt for Hushd MAS Device?

  • The Hushd comes in its classic size and, for those with a smaller mouth or narrower teeth arches, the Hushd Mini ensures a perfect fit. 

  • With its physician-approved design, enjoy significant reduction in snoring and improved quality of sleep. 

  • Every individual is unique, and so should be their sleep aid. Hushd is fully adjustable, ensuring you enjoy comfort every night. 

  • Embark on a guided sleep journey with the SleepCare app, packed with instructional videos, sleep hygiene advice, and more. Available for both iOS and Android. 

  • At the end of your Hushd Device trial, connect with a sleep dentist through the SleepCare App to get fitted for a permanent solution! 

✈️ Compact, lightweight, and not requiring power, both Hushd and Hushd Mini are every traveller's dream ensuring undisturbed sleep no matter where you are. 

With the Hushd Temporary MAS Device, embrace the future of sleep. Here's to better nights and even better days. 💤