G3 Series B30VT BPAP System


For individuals grappling with respiratory insufficiency or restrictive lung conditions, the G3 B30VT BPAP System offers a CPAP solution. Engineered with precision, this Bi-level machine ensures non-invasive ventilation, harmonising with your natural breathing pattern to deliver up to a substantial 30 cmH20 pressure support. 

Features that Set it Apart:

  • Adaptive Breath Support: G3 B30VT not only complements spontaneous breathing but is also vigilant to any lapse in inhalation, stepping in with supported ventilation to guarantee a baseline ventilation at all times. 

  • Versatile Modes for Comprehensive Care: Catering to diverse patient needs, the G3 B30VT operates in several modes including Spontaneous, Spontaneous/Timed, and Timed. It further provides an optional targeted tidal volume, fine-tuning ventilation for patients who might not meet standard requirements. 

  • Ultimate Comfort and Silent Operation: The pre-heating option ensures that the humidifier water is warmed to an optimum level for enhanced comfort. Couple this with its multi-stage noise reduction and you're assured of a restful, undisturbed sleep. 


  • Model: G3 B30VT
  • Modes:
    • CPAP Pressure: 4.0 – 20.0 hPa
    • S, AutoS, T, S/T Pressure: IPAP: 4.0 – 30.0 hPa; EPAP: 4.0 – 25.0 hPa (Adjustable in 0.5 hPa increments)
  • Peak Performance Pressure: 30hPA 

Box Contents:

  • Core Device: G3 Series BiPAP System (G3 B30VT)
  • Essential Accessories: Heated Humidifier, Heated Hose, Carry Case, SD Card, and 2 Standard Filters. 

Operational Modes:

  • Spontaneous Mode: Ensuring natural breathing, this mode offers both IPAP and EPAP non-invasive ventilation support for spontaneously breathing individuals.

  • Spontaneous/Timed Mode: A blend of natural and timed support, this mode not only ensures IPAP and EPAP non-invasive ventilation for spontaneously breathing patients but also activates a timed backup mechanism for added safety.

  • Timed Mode: Tailored for precision, this mode lets medical professionals set the inspiratory and expiratory times to ensure optimal non-invasive ventilation.

  • Targeted Tidal Volume Mode: Enhancing ventilation precision, this optional mode adjusts the IPAP based on the mean tidal volume from the previous five breaths, ensuring optimal patient care.

Why G3 B30VT? The G3 B30VT BPAP System is more than just a device; it's a commitment to superior respiratory and sleep apnoea care. Merging technological prowess with patient-centric features, it promises unparalleled support for those battling respiratory challenges. Whether you are a patient or a healthcare provider, the G3 B30VT ensures breathing is never a struggle again. 

Device is covered under warranty for five years after purchase.