BMC N5AH Nasal CPAP Mask with Waterless Humidification


BMC N5AH Nasal CPAP Mask with Waterless Humidification 

Designed for versatility, the BMC N5AH Nasal CPAP Mask is optimised for the BMC M1 Mini Travel Auto CPAP device, equipped with a robust HME (Heat and Moisture Exchange) Humidification system. Whether you're on the move or settling down for the night, the BMC N5AH offers a seamless experience, ensuring users maintain optimal comfort without the fuss of traditional humidification. 

Suitable for most CPAP and Bilevel devices, and uses a standard hose attachment. 

Ideal for Users Who:

  • Prefer a more compact mask design.
  • Wear glasses.
  • Seek a solution to claustrophobia.
  • Appreciate the advantages of waterless humidification.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Design: Lightweight with an adjustable headgear, swivelling elbow joint, and easy fit cushion, the mask adapts to movements during sleep, and offers an unobstructed field of vision. 

  • HME Humidification: A powerful heat and moisture exchange system offers the benefits of humidification without a traditional water-based CPAP humidifier.

  • Compatibility: While tailored for the BMC M1 Mini Travel Auto CPAP, the N5AH mask is versatile. Supplied with a 15mm connector, it's compatible with most travel CPAP device brands and can be used without a standard water-based CPAP humidifier.

  • Validated: The N5AH mask is clinically validated and TGA registered. 

    Mask Inclusions:

    • N5AH nasal mask with headgear.
    • A nasal cushion (available in S/M/L sizes).
    • BMC HU & HU-Plus HME tablets designed specifically for the BMC N5AH Nasal CPAP Mask
      • Standard heat and moisture exchange (BMC HU) tablet - perfect for most climates and sleep settings. 
      • Plus heat and moisture exchange (BMC HU-Plus) tablet, ideal for low humidity environments like aircrafts.

      Please note: These HME tablets are disposable. Once opened, they should be replaced after 30 days, irrespective of continuous usage.

      Mask is covered under warranty for 90 days after purchase.