BMC DC/DC Converter For BMC G3 Devices 12-32v-input 24v-output (2.6m)


Portable Power Solution for Your CPAP Therapy Device

Optimise your BMC CPAP/APAP therapy experience even while on the go with our specialised BMC DC/DC Converter exclusively designed for BMC G3 devices. Whether you're traveling by car, boat, or any other vehicle equipped with a 12V-32V DC power source, this converter ensures your BMC G3 device remains operational, enabling uninterrupted therapy sessions wherever you are!

Key Features:

  • 24VDC Output: Efficiently powers your BMC CPAP/APAP therapy device.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Connects easily to any vehicle's cigarette lighter socket.
  • Optimal Length: At 2.6m, it provides ample range for convenient positioning.
  • Exclusive Compatibility: Exclusively designed for BMC G3 CPAP machines.

Please note, this converter is only suitable for the BMC G3 series and is not compatible with BMC Luna or Luna IQ CPAP devices.

With the BMC G3 DC/DC Converter, you're no longer tethered to a fixed power source, freeing you to enjoy your life and travels without compromising on your therapy sessions. Stay powered and experience the optimal convenience with our portable power solution for your BMC G3 device!