AYO Circadian Light Therapy Glasses


The AYO Circadian Light Therapy Glasses are an award-winning blue light therapy device that helps you understand and manage your circadian rhythm health. Used alongside the companion app, AYO tailors a light therapy program to uplift your energy, diminish morning or afternoon fatigue, and refine your sleep quality. 

Whether you’re an athlete, a jetsetter, or someone craving better sleep and energy levels, AYO is your faithful companion. Ideal for:

  • Shift Workers: Redefine your sleep-wake routine for optimum productivity and to minimise disruption to your sleep/wake cycle.  

  • Eager Athletes: Align your training regime with your body's natural rhythm to get the best results from every work out. 

  • Teens in Need: Are your teens struggling to get started every morning? Make those early school mornings less daunting and help them brighten up. 

  • Travel Enthusiasts: Jet-set without the jet lag by syncing with your destination's timezone. 

  • Seasonal Fatigue: Reduced exposure to sunlight and cooler temperatures can leave many feeling fatigued, sluggish and unmotivated. AYO works as a personal light device to add pep in those colder months. 

Understand Your Circadian Rhythm:

  • Effortless Integration: AYO is crafted for your lifestyle. Simply open the glasses, and your daily 20-minute session begins, even as you navigate your daily chores.

  • Charged for the Week: One charge is all you need for a week’s worth of 20-minute sessions, ensuring AYO’s energy matches yours.

  • Intelligent Light Therapy: Experience therapy that thinks. The AYO app assesses your circadian health, delivering personalised suggestions for light, food, caffeine, mental sharpness, activity, and rest throughout your day.

Champion in Wellness:

AYO doesn’t just talk the talk. AYO's technology has been recognised worldwide with accolades such as the National Sleep Foundation SleepTech Award (2022), Men's Health 2021 Sleep Award, Red Dot Award Product Design 2018, and Travel Retail Award 2018. 

Don’t just take our word for it; AYO has been featured in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Body&Soul, and Forbes

Product Highlights:

  • Comfort Meets Elegance: Lightweight with an adaptable frame, AYO ensures every session is a snug embrace.

  • Guidance at Your Fingertips: Discover the magic of your personal circadian rhythm, and let AYO guide you to creating a schedule more suited to your sleep and health goals. 

  • Accessories: Each AYO purchase includes a sturdy protective case and a charging cable to keep your glasses safe and powered up. 

Product Inclusions: 

  • AYO Light Therapy Glasses 
  • Hard protective case
  • Charging cable 
  • Lifetime access to the AYO companion app. 

AYO is covered under warranty for one year after purchase.