POWERbreathe EX1 Series: Expiratory Muscle Training Device


Introducing the POWERbreathe EX1 Series, a sophisticated range of Expiratory Muscle Training (EMT) devices, meticulously designed to enhance expiratory muscle strength.

This innovative series represents a significant advancement in EMT, offering improved vocal and musical strength, stability, endurance, and power. It’s an essential tool for anyone engaged in activities requiring robust expiratory breathing, such as singers, musicians, and athletes.

Product Features:

  • Optimised Airflow: Ensures effective training sessions by maximising resistance during exhalation.
  • Adjustable Resistance Levels: Eleven settings allow for customised training intensity as expiratory muscle strength develops.
  • Ergonomic Design: Includes a more comfortable mouthpiece for an improved user experience during exercises.
  • Model Variety: Features Light, Medium, Heavy, and Medic Plus models, catering to both personal and clinical use.
  • All Ages: Appropriate for adults and children, including individuals with respiratory conditions or muscular impairments impacting breath control.
  • TGA Registered: Adheres to the Therapeutic Goods Administration's standards for safety and efficacy.

Model Highlights:

  • Medic Plus:

    • Low initial expiratory load (10cmH2O – 80cmH2O), ideal for those with compromised breathing or conditions like Dysphagia.
    • Non-invasive, suitable for rehabilitation and clinical settings.
  • Light Resistance:

    • Expiratory load range of 10cmH2O – 80cmH2O, perfect for beginners or those new to respiratory training.
  • Medium Resistance:

    • Targets individuals with prior breathing training experience, offering a load of 35cmH2O – 175cmH2O.

Inclusions with the Device:

  • POWERbreathe Plus EMT Device
  • Comfortable Mouthpiece
  • Nose Clip
  • Storage Pouch
  • 4 Cleansing Tablets
  • User Manual

Usability and Maintenance:

  • Ease of Use: Ready for immediate use, ideal for standalone therapy or integrated into respiratory training regimes.
  • Simple Cleaning: Ensures hygiene, especially important for multi-user scenarios.
  • Adjustable and Versatile: Manual resistance adjustment with an indicator, catering to a wide user demographic.

Experience the transformative benefits of the POWERbreathe EX1 Series, where each breath is a step towards enhanced respiratory function and overall wellness.