Smart Peak Flow – Asthma Monitoring and Management Device and App


How do daily peak flow readings support asthma management?

Imagine having the ability to see and record your peak flow, allowing you to better understand and predict the likelihood of an asthma attack. With consistent tracking, you can monitor your readings and promptly share them with your asthma support team, especially if your readings fall out of the green zone.

That's exactly what the Smart Peak Flow device and app provide.

Accurate and Reliable Readings 

  • Smart Peak Flow uses advanced technology to give you accurate readings of your peak flow, which is important for managing asthma, and uses medical-grade sensors.
  • Easily record your peak flow, see what triggers your asthma, track your symptoms, and understand your asthma patterns. This helps you stay informed and take action.
  • Get alerts about possible asthma attacks and advice on when you might need to see a doctor.
  • Quickly share your health data with your asthma care team for support managing your asthma.
  • Connects to all phone models with Bluetooth, and is suitable for use by people aged 5 and up. 

The Smart Asthma App 

  • Use the ‘Trigger’ feature in the app to learn how different environments and activities affect your asthma.
  • The Smart Asthma app works on both Android and iOS devices and is easy to use for anyone aged 5 and up.

Smart Peak Flow helps you understand and manage your asthma better. Breathe confidently, know your triggers, and stay ahead of your symptoms.

What’s Inside the Box:

  • Smart Peak Flow Meter
  • Adapter for Bluetooth Connection
  • Reusable Mouthpiece
  • User Manual
  • Subscription to the Smart Asthma App

Explore what Smart Peak Flow can do for you and take charge of your health with every breath.

Device is covered by warranty for two years after purchase.