EmeTerm Explore Anti-Nausea Wristband


Experience the power of advanced TENS technology with the EmeTerm Explore, your trusted travel companion against nausea. This wristband is designed to help you in various situations, from morning sickness to motion sickness and medically-induced nausea like chemotherapy.

What EmeTerm Explore Can Help With:

  • Morning Sickness: During pregnancy, including severe cases (Hyperemesis Gravidarum)
  • Motion Sickness: While traveling by car, boat, or plane
  • Virtual Reality Sickness: Discomfort during VR sessions
  • Post-Surgery Nausea: Nausea and vomiting after operations
  • Medically Induced Nausea: Such as nausea from chemotherapy

How It Works:

EmeTerm sends a signal to the median nerve inside your wrist. It sends low-frequency pulses that disrupt nausea signals between your brain and stomach.

    Why Choose EmeTerm Explore?

    • Advanced TENS Technology: Uses Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation to stop nausea signals.
    • High Success Rate: Works for 85% of people based on clinical trials, providing quick relief without side effects.
    • Adjustable Therapy: Choose from five intensity levels.
    • Durable Design: Waterproof and dustproof (IP67 rating), fits wrists from 12cm to 20cm.
    • Special Electrodes: Ensures good electrical connection for consistent relief.
    • Long-Lasting Charge: Works up to 40 hours on a single magnetic charge.
    • Award-Winning Design: Won the iF Design Award in 2017. 

    Package Contents:

    • EmeTerm antiemetic device
    • USB charging cable
    • Comprehensive User Manual. 

      Get the relief you deserve without the side effects of medication. Trust in EmeTerm Explore – because life shouldn't be paused by nausea.

      The device comes with a one-year warranty.