CryoVest Sport: High-Performance Cooling Vest for Athletes


The CryoVest Sport is the epitome of modern cooling technology, specially designed for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and outdoor sports aficionados. Whether you're preparing for a race, or winding down post-workout, this vest ensures optimal body temperature regulation. Primarily used for pre-cooling during warm-ups or post-cooling to hasten muscle recovery, the Cryovest Sport's uniqueness lies in its ability to deliver consistent, non-aggressive cooling over extended durations. Its design allows athletes to use select pockets, giving them the flexibility to regulate the cold based on their preferences and ensuring lightweight wear. 

A Commitment to Excellence: By fusing FirstICE technology with innovative heat-blocking garment advancements, the CryoVest Sport stands unparalleled. Clinical studies attest to its efficacy, highlighting its capacity to elevate energy efficiency, mitigate fatigue, optimize hydration prior to exertion, and expedite muscle recovery. Furthermore, it helps stabilize the heart rate and preserves muscle functionality post-activity. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: At approximately 1.9kg, it proudly holds the title of Australia's lightest cooling vest.
  • Composition: A product of meticulous French craftsmanship.
  • Wearability: Its discreet design allows it to be worn either over or beneath clothing.
  • Duration of Cooling: Offers over 2 hours of consistent thermo-regulation, with an additional 45 minutes of cooling, even in intense 50-degree heat.
  • Design: An ergonomic blueprint complemented by a zipper closure. Four adjustable Velcro straps on the chest and waist enhance lumbar support, ensuring a snug fit and promoting efficient cooling.
  • Unique Features: Unlike other vests, CryoVest Sport remains dry, dispensing cold therapy gradually and consistently. This non-aggressive cold release ensures there's no risk of cryo burns, even with direct skin contact.

FirstIce Cold Packs: These specialiSed packs, integral to the CryoVest, demand only a brief 2-hour freezer stint. Designed for durability, they have a lifespan of 100 optimal uses or approximately 200 hours. Once they begin to stiffen, it's an indication they need replacement. These packs not only outperform traditional gel packs by maintaining temperatures up to 4 hours but also freeze 50% faster. Their welded nylon composition ensures toughness while remaining non-toxic. With these packs, there's no jarring shock from extreme cold, ensuring they sit comfortably against the skin.

Product Highlights:

  • The only cooling vest that guarantees a dry wear, releasing a consistent, slow cold therapy.
  • With FirstIce, users can expect efficient cooling with no risk of cryo burns.
  • A lifetime of 100 optimal uses for the cold packs.
  • Promotes faster recovery times post intense physical activity.
  • Wear it discreetly beneath outfits or showcase it on top, based on your preference.

Device Use: The CryoVest Sport isn't just a vest; it's a performance enhancer. Athletes and sport enthusiasts can conveniently wear the vest, adjusting the four Velcro straps for maximum lumbar support and a tight fit. The vest is adaptable, with the option to wear it beneath or over clothes, while the ergonomic zipper assures comfort.

Maintenance & Care:

  • Vest: Hand washing with mild detergent is recommended. Once washed, it should be air-dried in a well-ventilated area. 

  • Cooling Ice Packs: Wipe the packs gently using a damp cloth. Storage of these ice packs in a cool, dry place is crucial. 

Warranty: CryoVest Cooling Vests are covered by a 2-year warranty, underscoring our commitment to quality and performance. 

Boost your athletic performance and recovery times with the CryoVest Sport High Performance Cooling Vest. For any queries or sizing concerns, our dedicated customer service is here to assist. Upgrade your sportswear with the unparalleled CryoVest Sport.