POWERbreathe Mouthpiece


Enhance the longevity and performance of your POWERbreathe device with our premium replacement mouthpieces. Designed to be both robust and durable, our mouthpieces ensure your device remains in optimal condition.

Over time, the original mouthpiece may show signs of wear such as loosening, discolouration, or it may even get misplaced. Our replacement mouthpieces are the perfect solution to maintain the efficacy of your breathing training.

Compatible with all models from the Plus and EX1 series, these mouthpieces are easy to replace, ensuring your POWERbreathe device continues to function at its best, supporting your respiratory strength training effectively.


Please note, the POWERbreathe IMT or EMT devices are intended for individual use only. To uphold the highest standards of hygiene and performance, these replacement mouthpieces are for personal replacement use and not for multiple users.