Hushd Guard - Teeth Grinding Nightguard


Prevent teeth clenching and grinding. 

The Hushd Guard is our Occlusal Splint Nightguard, made from non-toxic silicone with cushioned bite-pads and a flexible band to ensure the splint is secure, but breathing is easy.
✓ A budget-friendly trial device supported by the SleepCare patient app
✓ Non-toxic silicone flexible band
✓ Easy to mold, boil-and-bite device
✓ SleepCare companion patient app
✓ TGA Approved. 

Please note this device is a temporary solution that lasts 1-2 months.

If you feel the Hushd Guard Temporary Device is a suitable option for you, you can book a consultation with a Hushd accredited dentist via the SleepCare App in order to receive a custom made permanent device called the Hushd Guard Pro. 

Getting Started

To get started with the Hushd device, download the SleepCare app and watch a short video tutorial. The Hushd device uses the ‘boil-and-bite’ method and is easy to fit to your bite. 
The SleepCare patient app is used alongside both the Hushd temporary and long-term devices.
30 day manufacturers warranty for Hushd devices and 3 year warranty for Hushd Pro (long-term) devices. 

Download the SleepCare app by clicking on the links below:

Hushd Guard is not recommended for people who:
  • Have a history of jaw joint problems
  • Have loose teeth or gum disease
  • Wear dentures or braces
  • Have dental implants, crowns, or caps without a dentist's approval.