BMC G3 B20A BiPAP Machine


Revolutionise your sleep with the BMC G3 B20A BiPAP Machine System. Crafted for those requiring enhanced pressure support, this machine brings together cutting-edge technology and user comfort to provide an unparalleled sleep apnoea treatment experience. 

Why BMC G3 B20A Stands Out:

  • Catering to individuals who need higher treatment pressures, the BMC G3 B20A delivers sleep apnoea relief with a difference, making it more comfortable.

  • Whether you prefer Auto BiPAP, BiPAP S, or CPAP, this machine offers a mode to match your needs. 

  • Gain access to Bi-Level treatment without breaking the bank. Comparable in cost to leading Auto CPAP machines, the BMC G3 B20A ensures quality without the hefty price tag. 

Advanced Features for Supreme Comfort:

  • Warm Up to Comfort: Utilise the pre-heat function to warm the humidifier water, ensuring ultimate comfort even during colder months.

  • Zero Condensation: With the integrated heated tubing and Auto Humidity control, bid farewell to condensation accumulation.

  • Ultra-Quiet: Sleep undisturbed and ensure the same for your partner. The device's multi-stage noise reduction technology ensures a quiet operation, not exceeding 28dB (A).

  • Smart Sleep Adaptation: The Auto Ramp function intuitively detects when you drift into sleep, adjusting ramp time and ensuring the treatment begins at just the right moment.

  • Optimised Pressure Management: Employing the Smart B (BiLevel) in the Auto S mode, the machine adjusts pressure optimally over a 5-day window, making your comfort its top priority.

  • Reporting: Get insights on-the-go with the 'Quick Report' or delve deeper using the PAP Link app, Cloud platform, or Data Analysis Software. 

  • Diverse Therapy Options: From Auto Bi-Level Mode and S Mode to CPAP, the BMC G3 B20A tailors the treatment to your unique needs, ensuring restful nights.

  • Optional Sp02 Module: Enhance your monitoring with this module, designed specifically for tracking Sp02 and Pulse Rate alongside the G3 BPAP Series.

Features of the BMC G3 B20A:

  • Competitive pricing, rivalling standard Auto CPAP machines
  • Oscillating Wave Technology for precise apnoea detection and treatment
  • Humidifier pre-heat and auto-humidity control
  • Smart Bi-Level (Auto S) for optimised pressure adjustments
  • Convenient and portable carry case. 


    Package Inclusions:

    • G3 Series BiPAP System (G3 B20A) device
    • Integrated Heated Humidifier
    • Advanced Heated Hose
    • Portable Carry Case
    • Comprehensive SD Card
    • Two Standard Filters. 

      For Pressure Beyond 20 cmH20: Should you need higher pressure support, consider the G3 B25A model.

      Experience sleep with a difference. Dive into the future of sleep apnoea treatment with the BMC G3 B20A BiPAP Machine System. 

      Device is covered under warranty for five years after purchase.