BMC F5 Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear Starter Kit



BMC F5 Full Face CPAP Mask Starter Kit

Embrace a night of deep, rejuvenating sleep with the comprehensive BMC F5 Full Face CPAP Mask Starter Kit. Tailored for those who desire secure comfort, the BMC F5 ensures every user finds their perfect fit from the get-go. 

The BMC F5 is distinguished by its compact and versatile frame. Its easy fit cushion seamlessly adjusts to the contours of the face as you move, promising minimal mask leaks and optimal comfort.

The BMC F5 features a design that’s both minimalistic and functional. Its frame effortlessly accommodates all three cushion sizes. The BMC mask range marries style, comfort, and quality without compromising affordability.

With a simple 3-part design, the mask boasts a silky soft, single-layered ergonomic cushion and ultra-quiet ventilation.

Suitable for most CPAP and Bilevel devices, and uses a standard hose attachment. 

Who's It For?:

The BMC F5 Starter Kit is the ideal pick for individuals who: 

  • Prefer the coverage of full face masks 
  • Have previously worn a classic frame style 
  • Require a stable mask during movement in sleep. 

What's in the Box?:

  • A finely-designed F5 full face mask, complete with adjustable headgear 
  • A comprehensive set of full-face cushions in all three sizes - Small, Medium, and Large, ensuring you find your perfect fit.  

The design of the BMC F5 is similar to the ResMed Quatro classic and the Fisher & Paykel Vitera.

Certifications & Compatibility:

  • The F5 is a clinically-validated and TGA registered product
  • Ideal for CPAP range of pressure 4-20cm H20 
  • Crafted to work with most CPAP and BiPAP devices on the market. 

With the BMC F5 Full Face CPAP Mask Starter Kit, dive into a realm of restful sleep, night after revitalising night. 

Mask is covered under warranty for 90 days after purchase.