SeaTec Snoring Chinstraps


Struggling with snoring or disrupted CPAP therapy? Seatec offers tailored solutions to address these common sleep challenges. Our range includes the Seatec Snoring Chinstrap and the enhanced Seatec Sleeptight Chin and Mouth Strap to cater to your specific needs.

Seatec Snoring Chinstrap: Designed with precision, this chinstrap keeps your mouth closed during CPAP therapy. By ensuring consistent air pressure delivery, it safeguards against dry mouth symptoms and potential leakages.

Seatec Sleeptight Chin and Mouth Strap: For those who breathe through their mouth, this is an advanced strap that not only supports the jaw but also covers the mouth. It’s perfect for those who need an extra layer of support during CPAP therapy or find full-face CPAP masks uncomfortable.

Shared Features:

  • Adjustable Velcro Straps: Top straps offer essential jaw support during sleep therapy, while the back straps allow for hassle-free removal in the morning.
  • Superior Support: Both variants feature a larger chin cup and bottom lip and chin support.
  • Optimised Comfort: Crafted from stretchable, breathable material for a comfortable fit throughout the night.
  • Versatility: Both straps can be used on their own or alongside nasal CPAP masks, Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy, and Theravent Snore Therapy.

Sizing Guide: Correct sizing is crucial for maximum comfort and effectiveness. To find your perfect fit, measure your head's circumference from under your chin to the crown:

  • Small: 54cm
  • Medium: 60cm
  • Large: 66cm

Usage Tips:

  • Keep your hair clear of Velcro straps to avoid entanglement.
  • Please don't machine wash. Instead, hand wash weekly in warm soapy water, rinse, and air dry away from sunlight for longevity.

Choose Seatec for a peaceful night's sleep, free from disruptions and discomfort. Embrace the future of restful sleep today!