BMC N5A Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear



BMC N5A Nasal CPAP Mask 

For many, the journey towards uninterrupted sleep is marred by obstructions, both physical and mental. BMC understands this journey and presents the N5A Nasal CPAP Mask, where design meets unmatched comfort. 

The BMC N5A is the preferred choice for those who:

  • Favour compact mask designs 
  • Need to wear glasses during their bedtime routine 
  • Are seeking a solution to claustrophobia-induced discomfort.


  • Precision-Crafted Comfort: At the heart of the BMC N5A is its clinically-validated design. With an easy fit cushion, it readily adjusts to the bridge of your nose, ensuring optimal comfort. 

  • Unrestricted Movement: Sleep in your natural state. The swivelling elbow joint and adjustable headgear ensure that the mask moves with you, not against you. 

  • Quiet Night, Quiet Mind: The diffuser vent is engineered for tranquility, making your CPAP experience as unobtrusive as possible. 

  • Minimalist Yet Versatile: The BMC N5A's design brilliance lies in its simplicity. With minimal parts and a universal frame for all cushion sizes, it's as efficient as it is effective. 

  • Budget-Friendly Excellence: Experience top-tier comfort without the top-tier price. BMC's commitment to affordability without compromising on quality means every user can find their perfect fit. 

  • Certifications & Compatibility: Clinically-validated and TGA registered. Designed to be compatible with the majority of CPAP and BiPAP devices on the market.

    What's in the Box?:

    • A precision-crafted N5A nasal mask, complete with adjustable headgear 
    • Your chosen nasal cushion size (S/M/L).

    For those in the know, the BMC N5A is comparable in its excellence to the likes of the ResMed N20 and the Phillips Wisp. Suitable for most CPAP and Bilevel devices, and uses a standard hose attachment. 

      Rediscover the serenity of sleep with the BMC N5A Nasal CPAP Mask, where every night becomes a haven of restfulness.

      Mask is covered under warranty for 90 days after purchase.