BMC G3 Series B25A BiLevel System


Elevate your sleep therapy experience with the BMC G3 B25A BiPAP Machine System, tailored specifically for individuals needing higher pressure support.

Experience bi-level therapy at a price point comparable to standard Auto CPAP machines. With its enhanced pressure capacity of 25 cmH2O, this cutting-edge device ensures you achieve the best possible therapeutic outcome without compromising on comfort.

Experience tailored therapy with three adjustable modes - Auto BiPAP, BiPAP S, and CPAP, providing the flexibility to meet individual sleep needs.

Ensure consistent warmth and humidity with the pre-heat function, paired with integrated heated tubing and Auto Humidity control. Say goodbye to condensation and hello to uninterrupted comfort, even in colder climates.

Specialised Therapy Modes:

  • Auto Bi-Level Mode: An adaptive mode that responds to your breathing patterns. Should a sleep apnoea event be detected, IPAP and EPAP pressures are automatically adjusted.

  • S Mode: This bi-level mode adjusts pressure with your inhalation and exhalation, ensuring that breathing remains natural and comfortable.

  • CPAP Mode: Delivering a steady stream of therapeutic pressure, this mode ensures that every breath is comfortable and consistent. If prescribed a ramp, simply adjust with the dedicated knob to find your perfect comfort setting



  • With its multi-stage noise reduction technology, the G3 B25A ensures that your peaceful night isn't disturbed.

  • The Auto Ramp feature intuitively detects when you're asleep, adjusting the pressure seamlessly, so you drift into therapeutic slumber without a hiccup.

  • The Smart B (BiLevel) in Auto S mode, recalibrates the device for optimal starting pressure, fine-tuning both minimum and maximum pressures over a dynamic 5-day window.

  • Stay informed about your therapy with a straightforward interface. Whether you need a 'Quick Report' or wish to deep dive into comprehensive insights, the PAP Link app, Cloud platform, and Data Analysis Software have you covered. 

  • Advanced apnea detection determines optimal treatment strategies based on individual airflow and pressure metrics.

  • Sleep uninterrupted with the Auto Humidity feature that keeps condensation at bay.


  • Model: G3 B25A
  • Work Modes: CPAP, S, AutoS
  • Pressure Parameters:
    • CPAP: 4.0 - 25.0 cmH2O
    • IPAP: 4.0 - 25.0 cmH2O
    • EPAP: 4.0 - 25.0 cmH2O (Adjustable in 0.5 cmH2O increments)
  • Peak Performance Pressure: 25 cmH2O

Included in the Package:

  • Core Device: G3 Series BiPAP System (G3 B25A)
  • Essential Accessories: Heated Humidifier, Heated Hose, Carry Case, SD Card, and 2 Standard Filters.
  • Optional Add-On: The SpO2 module, offering auxiliary SpO2 and Pulse Rate monitoring, further enhancing your sleep therapy experience. 

The BMC G3 B25A BPAP System is ideal for those requiring up to 25 cmH2O, catering to sleep apnoea patients needing higher pressure, as well as those in need of non-invasive ventilation. Dive into a world where therapy meets luxury, and experience restful nights and rejuvenated mornings. 

Device is covered under warranty for five years after purchase.