Optipillow Reusable EPAP Mask


Experience sleep like never before with the OptiPillow, an Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP) tool. Created for people aiming to alleviate mild to moderate OSA and snoring, this FDA-cleared and TGA-registered device stands as a premier CPAP alternative.

Sleep Soundly with OptiPillow:

  • Intuitive Inhalation: Breathe naturally through your nose and let the OptiPillow work its magic during exhalation, as its specialised valve partly closes to generate the EPAP pressure.

  • Tailored Breathing Comfort: Rotate the sleeve at the device’s forefront to adjust the EPAP pressure, ensuring a perfect match to your needs, from gentle resistance (akin to Theravent Regular) to higher pressures reminiscent of Provent.

  • Wanderlust-Friendly: Whether you're soaring the skies, cruising the seas, or resting amid nature's embrace, the OptiPillow is your ideal travel companion—power source-free and indiscreet.

Excellence in Slumber Tech:

  • Celebrated Expertise: Featured in HomeCare Magazine, OptiPillow’s distinction lies in its precision engineering and undeniable results.

  • Reusable & Efficient: OptiPillow requires no skin prepping and promises consistent performance, ensuring you get the most value from each device.

Unbox Your Night's Best Friend:

  • OptiPillow Nasal EPAP Device
  • Customisable Headgear
  • Comprehensive Size Range: Small, Medium, & Large OptiPillow Nasal Pillows
  • Detailed User Manual.

Discover Optimal Sleep with OptiPillow:

OptiPillow is tailored for:

  • People managing mild to moderate OSA
  • Committed CPAP users looking for a travel or outdoor-friendly alternative. 

Try out the OptiPillow and wake up to brighter mornings and rejuvenated spirits. 

Device is covered under warranty for 90 days after purchase.