Snoring Chin Strap

A snoring chin strap is a device, usually made of fabric, that is worn during the night to reduce or stop snoring. Resembling a sling, this stop snoring device wraps around the head, cradling the jaw, and holds the wearer’s mouth closed during the night. By doing so, it forces the wearer to breathe naturally through the nose, rather than inhaling and exhaling through the mouth. Some cases of snoring can be attributed to muscles and tissue at the back of the throat becoming lax during sleep. Chin straps correct this by holding the jaw slightly forward and closed, opening airways at the back of the throat and relieving pressures that contribute to snoring.


Pros of a Snoring Chin Strap

snoring chin strap

When it comes to anti-snoring devices, snoring chin straps have some advantages over other options. They are designed to be comfortable and easy to use. Snoring chin straps are typically outfitted with velcro and are easily adjustable. Many people also prefer chin straps because they are worn externally to keep the mouth closed as opposed to wearing something inside the mouth such as a snoring mouthpiece.

Cons of a Snoring Chin Strap

While one of the supposed “pros” of snoring chin straps is comfort, there is still a level of discomfort that accompanies any type of restrictive device. Some wearers report the chin straps to have a slight chemical smell, while others have experienced jaw pains following use.

Risks Associated with Chin Straps for Snoring

A chin strap may be dangerous for those suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). People with OSA snore due to obstructed nasal passages and other airways. By forcing the mouth the remain closed during sleep, the wearer may suffer from insufficient oxygen intake during sleep. Snoring chin straps may also be problematic for those with congestion and allergies. You should always consult with a physician before using any anti-snoring device, as improper use can increase the risk for sleep apnea and other serious conditions.

Is a Chin Strap the Snoring Solution for You?

As previously mentioned, always consult a physician before using any type of snoring device to determine the cause of your snoring. Chin straps are relatively cheap and can be purchased from us without a prescription. Chin straps, however, cannot be considered a cure-all, as they do not address the issue of an obstructed airway. Click here to view our range of SeaTec Snoring Chinstraps

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Try Theravent: A simpler, more effective snoring solution

When it comes to snoring, every case is different and it is important to find a solution that is effective, comfortable, safe and affordable. One snoring solution is Theravent Nightly Advance Snore Therapy a relatively new product that is making waves in the snoring community. Theravent works by using revolutionary technology known as expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP).

This new technology utilizes the user’s own breathe to gently open the throat airway, which relieves the vibrations associated with snoring. Developed from Provent prescription sleep apnea technology, Theravent Snore Therapy is a small device that fits comfortably over the nostrils each night.