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Feel Bright Light

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This device is not suitable for people with Epilepsy or similar photosensitive conditions. The light source of this technology ranges from 50 to 166hz.


Sleep better. Wake up refreshed. Improve your mood. Increase your energy.

The Feel Bright Light is a portable light therapy device that mimics the benefits provided by sunlight. Unlike the sun, however, the Feel Bright Light is 100% UV-free and can be used on an overcast day or when the sun is not in the sky.

This technology has been developed through 10 years of research by US based Physician Engineered Products.

Feel Bright Light is ideal for:

  • Frequent fliers who experience jet lag
  • Shift workers
  • People with irregular/variable sleeping habits
  • Those suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) 

Why is sunlight important?

Sunlight is the cue our bodies use to regulate our sleeping and waking pattern. When light is received by photoreceptors in our eyes, a signal is sent to our brain telling us to be awake and alert. Often, however, we do not receive the daily bright light we need to maintain a well-timed body clock and natural energy levels.

What causes our body clocks to shift?

Your body needs daily bright light to regulate your sleep pattern and provide energy. Working irregular hours, traveling to different time zones and lifestyle changes that occur through winter months can interfere with your sleep pattern. Studies have shown that bright light at the right frequency can minimize the effects of jet lag, shift work and winter blues. Re-timing your body clock can help you sleep and wake when you choose to.

What separates the Feel Bright Light from other light therapy methods?

Traditional light treatment is provided by a light box. The huge disadvantage of a light box is that very few people have the time and discipline to sit in front of a light source for the time required. If you look away to read the paper or eat your breakfast most of the benefit is lost.

With Feel Bright Light the light source is provided by LED in the lower part of the glasses. This gives you freedom to move around and get on with you busy life whilst still benefiting from the light source.

Using the Feel Bright Light for 40-60 minutes is the 100% UV free way to receive light when it's convenient for you.

Benefits of Feel Bright Light

  • Adjusts body clock to new timezones
  • Most effective source of bright light your body needs
  • Safe light source, 100% UV free
  • Soft glow setting for reading or computer work
  • Light and comfortable
  • Compatible with most caps and hard hats

Cautions about use

  • This device is NOT suitable for people with epilepsy or similar photosensitive conditions.
  • The light source of this technology ranges from 50 to 166hz.
  • You may experience blind spots for up to 10 minutes after use. If these spots do not clear up, stop using the Feel Bright Light until you consult your eye doctor. 
  • Do not drive a vehicle or operate machinery while using the device.&
  • Feel Bright Light is NOT waterproof.


No claims have been made that the Feel Bright Light will treat, cure or prevent a recognized disease. If you have photo-sensitive condition such as epilepsy; a sleep or mood disorder such as depression or manic depressive psychosis; are under a clinician’s care; require regular use of medication; or have any vision-related ailments, please consult your clinician before using the Feel Bright Light. The product is not suitable for children under 13 years of age.

feel bright light package

The Feel Bright Light includes:

  • 1 Feel Bright Light device
  • 1 Visor
  • 1 Velcro pad to attach to your own cap
  • 1 USB charging cable (USB charger not included)

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Product Reviews

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  1. A perfect way to get my 12000LUX morning bright light exposure 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Sep 2017

    Getting sun every morning for 30 mins just isn't practical and so the Feel Bright Light is the perfect solution. I prepare breaky whilst getting my morning fix. I notice feeling better physically at the end of the session. This is much more efficient than sitting infront of a lamp device. I've found one charge lasts two morning sessions of 30mins. Only complaint is that you apparently must charge from the usb of a computer, not wall socket. I am also sensitive to bright sun and get headaches, however don't have any issues with this device. Recommend.
    Hi Stevie, There is no reason to only charge from a computer. A good quality USB charger such as an apple iPhone charger is fine just make sure it is not a high voltage Samsung one etc. Please call us if you have any questions. Ben homemed.com.au 1300 76 72 79

  2. Cant fault the product, haven't used it long enough to see any benefit. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Oct 2016

    I'm happy with the product. I was a bit concerned that the light would be blindingly bright but it's not like that at all. The device switches off automatically after 30 minutes so that you can be sure you have received the recommended treatment time which is very handy. I was also concerned that the device would come with an American power plug but it came with a USB charging cable that I just plug into my computer to charge. I purchased the product to see if it will help with non seasonal depression but i haven't used it long enough to see a difference yet. 5/5 can't fault the product.

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