Travelling with Sleep Apnea

Being Diagnosed with Sleep Apnea does not mean you need to stop travelling and doing what you love. Over 8 millions Australians travel internationally yearly. With 8% of Australians being diagnosed with Sleep Apnea,  many people are left unsure of what is available. There are numerous options available to people who suffer from Sleep Apnea but still have that travel bug. 




Provent is powered by your own breath, which creates Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP) to maintain an open airway and enable natural breathing. As you breathe in, Provent's proprietary MicroValves open so inhalation feels normal and is nearly unobstructed. As you breathe out Provent's MicroValves close, restricting airflow and creating resistance, or EPAP. Provent is small, discreet, disposable and portable, ideal for travelling. Weighing only 1 gram, Provent is ideal for use on planes. 



Travel Machines 

Most Travel CPAP machines available are compact, light and quiet, meaning most frequent Travelers are finding it worth while to invest in a Travel CPAP Machine. The Transcend Travel Machine is an example of a fully featured cpap device. Weighing less than 500grams Transcend is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. With the devices information being stored on an online portal, the Transcend has data available on the go. The machine is also battery powered, with batteries available for purchase that last up to 16 hours. Although Transcend and most other travel cpap machines are FAA approved for airplane use, you will still need to contact your airline in advance for medical clearance.

This is can be done easily online for all major airline likes Qatanstranscend-auto-cpap-sleepweaver-small.jpg


Cater for all your travel needs

Be sure to also cater for all your needs when travelling.

  1. Bring an extension chord to ensure you are able to reach a power point comfortably when in bed. 
  2. Use a small compact mask. There is nothing worse than carrying bulky headgear when you've invested in a small compact machine. Try a mask like the SleepWeaver: small compact and easily stored. 
  3. Phone ahead! Let your airline know you machines needs.  Inform your accommodation you will require a room with a power point near the bed. 
  4. Check your machine has a universal power supply and can be used with different voltage. Also remember an adapter!