Transcend Travel CPAP Fixed Pressure Starter Kit


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Transcend Fixed Pressure CPAP Starter Kit + FREE SleepWeaver Advance

The World's smallest and lightest portable CPAP Machine.

Transcend Mini is a fixed Pressure, fully-featured CPAP device, designed for your mobile lifestyle. It is small enough to fit in your hand and weighs less than 500g, making it perfect for travel.

**FREE SLEEPWEAVER NASAL MASK INCLUDED When Following SleepWeaver Australia on Facebook**

Please Specify on Checkout Which free mask you wish with purchase (PLEASE NOTE THERE WILL BE NO RETURNS ON MASKS SO SIZE CAREFULLY)

The sleep weaver Advance small is A new mask for smaller faces is also available (Please leave a note if you wish to try the small size) - SleepWeaver Advance Small Soft Cloth CPAP Mask.

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How to Use Transcend Mini CPAP

The Transcend Mini CPAP Device is fixed pressure delivery, Set the device to a prescription pressure to maintain open, stable airway pressure. 

Free data management from your desktop to the cloud with TranSync. TranSyn is Convenient, free and easy to use with any Transcend PAP Device and lets you access your data anywhere, anytime.


How to Use SleepWeaver Soft Cloth CPAP Mask

Most patients report that the SleepWeaver products are the most comfortable masks they have ever tried! However, it can sometimes take longer for some people to become accustomed to new equipment, especially if you are new to PAP and sleep therapy.

Follow the instructions (PDF guides) provided below and take a look at the instructional videos on this page to get the most out of your CPAP mask.



The Transcend Features

Transcend Mini CPAP is a fully-featured CPAP Device designed for your mobile lifestyel

- Small, fully Featured CPAP, Weights less than 500grams

- TranSync Compatible (Data on the go)

- Most innovative and Portable CPAP in the World

- Approved by FAA for Airplane Use

- P8 Multi Night Battery (Approx 16 Hours life) available for purchase

- Automatic Voltage Conversion for international use

How the SleepWeaver CPAP Mask Works

SleepWeaver masks achieve a good seal and quiet operation using the properties of a balloon. When a balloon is inflated, all points inside the balloon are at the same pressure. This air pressure pushes the wall of the balloon until the tension in the wall of the balloon or something outside the balloon pushes back.

The pressure inside of the mask is the same at all points. So the pressure being applied to the patient for their CPAP therapy is the same pressure that pushes the mask against the patient’s skin. This creates a good seal between the cloth of the mask and the skin of the patient.

There is no additional pressure required to hold the mask onto the patient’s face, so there is no need for excess tension in the straps. The pressure exerted by the mask is the same at all points, so there are no localized pressure points that can create pressure sores.


Why Transcend?

  1. First Portable CPAP Device Designed around user Lifestyle
  2. Small and Light weight (under 500Grams)
  3. Portable Battery options
  4. Extremely quiet for its size
  5. Easy Data management to track and share Therapy Data
  6. Designed for a mobile Lifestyle
  7. Free SleepWeaver Advance Mask Included

Quick Fitting Tips for the SleepWeaver Advance Soft Cloth CPAP Mask

Introduction to SleepWeaver Advance Soft Cloth CPAP Mask

SleepWeaver Customer Review Video