Sleep Tracker Testimonials

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I love this watch. It’s the best invention I’ve ever purchased. I tell everybody I know to buy one.


I’m from Sweden and here in Scandinavia we have very longand dark winter days and and very bright and long summer days. This makes mevery tired in the morning in the winter due to darkness and sleep may not begreat in the summer due to heat and light. This means that a product likeSleeptracker is very good here because it will wake you up in the rightstage of sleep and sleep problems identified by making sure that you wake upmore easily when it is warm.

Patrik A

I was very skeptical when I stumbled upon the SleepTracker site, and didn’t think this watch was anything special. Within the first week of owning it however, the rest of my family started commenting on how my mood drastically improved in the morning, as I would usually be very grumpy upon being woken up by my alarm clock. The SleepTracker watch does work, and it works extremely well!

Calgary, AB Canada

Wow, seriously this product is just perfect. It wakes me up every single morning at the perfect time and I’m having so much fun experimenting with it and working out which daily activities lead to more restful sleep cycles. Anyone who is interested in their ‘sleep life’ should definitely invest into one of these gadgets!

Sydney Australia

Have been using Sleeptracker for over two years. First it helped me to identify a Sleep disturbance problem which my iniital Sleep test had missed. Then after getting a CPAC machine, it has helped me track the number of sleep cycles each night. It has literally been a lifesaver!!

Dr. Mark
Winfield, IL

I love the idea to be able to track my sleep. In my optinion sleep is one of the missing essentials when it comes to health. I am not only a user of the Sleeptracker,but I recommend them to my patients. origin: sleeptracker-testimonials


“I really can’t believe how well your product works, and how well it has worked from the first night. I never thought I would be a morning person and I am still not, but I am a lot closer. Its effected me on so many levels. Not only do I have more energy during the day but my mood has completely changed. I feel like a new person. My wife and co-workers noticed a change in me within a couple of days. I have told everyone I know about it and how great it is. If there is anything I can do to help promote your product I feel I owe it to you.”


“I want to tell you how much I love my watch! I first heard about the Sleeptracker a couple years ago and read about it but ruled it out because it only kept 8 hours of sleep data and I sleep longer than that. A couple weeks ago, I remembered it, did a search and was very happy that you now have the Pro Elite model that can handle up to 12 hours of sleep. I’m always looking for new things to try to help myself. I am totally thrilled with my Sleeptracker because it can help me determine when I’m getting better quality sleep and then maybe I can figure out what things in my life help or hinder that. I’m never a good judge of my sleep because I sleep like a rock. But the Sleeptracker is an awesome aid because gives useful data about my sleep. My data A has ranged anywhere from 44 seconds to 35 minutes per night. 15 minutes is very common.”


“Your customer service has been exceptional. I’ve already recommended the watch to a friend (who went on to buy one!), so I’m glad that I can also vouch for great aftersales support too.”


“I have known for over a year that the sleeptracker was a great product that made morning much easier for me and my whole family. However, it wasn’t until last week I knew just how great the customer service was. The display of my watch went blank after owning the watch just over 1 year. I e-mailed the company and asked how to get it repaired. They responded that same day — said send it in express, we’ll pay the shipping and we’ll give you a new watch. Less than a week after sending them my watch I had a brand new one. There should be more companies like sleeptracker!”

Jeff Hamons
Overland Park, KS USA

“Rest assured you will get the best sleep ever with this watch. I wake every morning felling like a million bucks. All I can say is go out and drop that $180, you wont regret it.”


“I can’t say enough about the customer service of this company. I called with a question, and ended up chatting with the president of the company! I wake up at 5:00 am each day which was causing problems for my husband. This watch gets me up and out at the most optimal time every morning – I have super morning runs, AND a happy marriage.”

A. Wallace
Maynard, MA

“I always wanted to do some physical exercise before going to work every day. However, getting up at 6:00 was like horror for me. I read an article about this device and was hesitant at the beginning because almost $200 is quite much for a watch. I decided to give it a try and well, this is the best device I have ever purchased. It really works! It always vibrates right at the moment I am willing to wake up, even if it is 6:00 am. Great product! Oh yes and the support is also very helpful.”

Tomasz Kowalski
Starogard Gd., Poland

“I love this watch!! My husband and I wake up at different times in the morning. I would not use an alarm to get up to exercise to avoid waking him up. This watch has been heaven sent. My husband gets his sleep and I get my exercise on time.”

Maria Brennan
Colleyville, Texas

“Thanks for your help, and I sincerely appreciate Sleeptracker’s wonderful customer service with both the watch band replacement and now the watch replacement. In class lectures, I use examples of good and bad customer relations. I will be happy to include Sleeptracker in the excellent category.”

Eric. Boca Raton

“Stumbled across this accidentally online one day and thought I’d give it a shot. My husband and I are both VERY anti-morning. We usually use 4 alarm clocks that start going off at 6:15am and continue until 7:45, and we finally get up around 8:15am to get to our 9am jobs. Needless to say, we were ALWAYS late! The watch worked immediately. We woke up and got up with enough time to sit down to breakfast and start a load of laundry! We still don’t like getting up in the morning, but with this, at least we can! We’re hooked.”

Sherry G.
Austin TX

“…thanks for a great product. It’s really made my mornings so much better.”


“Great product! While the “wake when you’re ready” feature of this product is awesome, the ability to track your waking moments and relative quality of your sleep across time is amazing. I’ve used this numerous times while training and to address sleep inconsistencies. I’ve recommended it to many friends over the two years I’ve owned it.”


“Dear Lee, I love your customer support, and your product was worth every penny of the 179 dollars. I know people will continue to buy it as I will tell others to. Thanks so much for the great customer support, and I’ve received the new watch. I appreciate your patience with me, and you give your company a great name. Thanks again.”


“The watch has been very valuable in keeping an eye on the effects of the treatment I am undergoing as well as different methods I am trying to improve my sleep. It is a good device.”


“I travel for a living and work very odd hours. When the SleepTracker beeps, I feel like it’s no trouble waking up.”


“I want to let you know that your Sleeptracker has proven very helpful. The vibrate feature allows me to wake in the morning without disturbing my wife as my old alarm clock did. So both of us love it! Thank you for your assistance and Great product!”

Robert Stephenson

“The SleepTracker has changed the way I sleep. I rest with confidence knowing that I will wake when my body is ready.”

Ryan S.
Kokomo, IN, USA

“You have a great product and it has made a significant difference on the days that I have been able to use it. Thanks again for your assistance.”

Doug Memering
Evansville, IN, USA

“I have a chronic illness and getting a good night’s sleep is very important to my overall health. The Sleeptracker has greatly improved the quality of my sleep and has helped me change my habits to maximize my sleeping experience.”

Terry Clarke
Ashland, KY, USA

“I have been using my Sleeptracker for a while and I enjoy the fact that I can wake up without feeling tired. I also find that I can save a lot of time with the watch. I am grateful that such a great product exists.”

Seoung-Koo Y.
Lynchburg, VA

“I recently ordered a Sleeptracker and am quite pleased with the results. I have been looking for a product like this offered in the US for a while now, and I’m happy to have found something that works as advertised.”

Seth C.
Livingston, NJ

“I am very happy with Sleeptracker, my sleep has improved dramatically, simply over a couple of weeks.”

Nathan D. H.

“I love this product. I usually have a terrible time getting up, but this is great.”

Michelle M.

“I bought my SleepTracker last winter. It sure makes it easier to get up in the morning.”

Robert C.

“As I have been using my SleepTracker for some time now I recently did a test, not using it for a few nights to see what would happen. I noticed it was much harder to wake up with a standard alarm clock. I dislike the groggy feeling that comes with being woken up at the ‘wrong point’ during a sleep cycle. Funny how quickly we get spoiled.”


“I tried SleepTracker and believe it is a very useful tool for anyone who wants to develop a regular wake up time.”

Dr. Gerard T Lombardo
Author of Sleep To Save Your Life

“The [SleepTracker] watch works great by the way, really wakes me up a whole lot easier and made my girlfriend happy as well.”

Franklin van B.
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

“I’m in love with it and am ready to ditch my alarm clock.”

Tiffany D.
Atlanta, GA

“I thank you for bringing to market such a great product.”

James C. M.

“I purchased one of your SleepTracker watches about a year ago and I love it. I pretty much never take it off.”

David S.

“It really is a great product! Thanks again”

Andrew L.

“My first night with it was great–I woke up completely fresh and rested. Thanks for the great product.”

Amelia F.

“I had high expectations for this watch and it did better than expected. There is an enormous difference between waking up tired and waking up refreshed. I cannot emphasize enough how much of a difference SleepTracker has made in the first few hours of my day. I am in a better mood, thinking more clearly, I can function as soon as my feet hit the ground and I’m waking up earlier instead of ‘snoozing’ past my wake time. Truly this watch may be the change in my hectic life that I’ve been seeking for so many years.”

Eric B.

“In general I am a ‘bad’ sleeper, always late [to] bed and most of the days very tired from work (10-16h in front of my computer everyday). Your invention has really helped… I felt great improvement on [the] first morning and this improves everyday!”

Stamatis K.

“Buying my SleepTracker is one of the best decisions I ever made. Not only have I enjoyed the benefits of this thoughtful technology, but also the superior customer service that only comes from buying from a first class company. Thank you for everything!”

Katie S.