Shut-i Success Stories




I’ve always been a poor sleeper. I’d never really thought about doing anything about it, but then you just get more and more worried each night about how you’re going to sleep.

I’m sleeping a lot better now. SHUT- helped me take the pressure off myself on worrying about how much sleep I’m going to get. And I’m 100% confident that even if I have one bad night, I can get back to my new sleep patterns.



I’m sleeping like a baby now. Strangely the most helpful part was helping me deal with my family. Rather than sit in a doctor’s office and have my family not believe I shouldn’t just go to bed earlier, I could share the program with them. And it was so convenient and private. 





I’ve already recommended SHUT-i to a couple of people. I’d describe SHUT-i as a systematic approach to dealing with likely causes of sleep issues. The length of the program, and the fact it is based on Cognitive Behavior Therapy were appealing; it’s not just ‘here’s the program’. I found it be very informative and I now have the confidence to know I can get quickly back into a regular sleep pattern even when my sleep is affected by migraines.



SHUT-i is effective and worthwhile for increasing my hours of sleep. Previously, I was only getting about 10 hours of sleep a week, in total. Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of things to help my insomnia, including relaxation techniques and sleep education, but none of them really helped.

I’ll admit I was very skeptical at first about trying SHUT-i, but figured I had nothing to lose. The program seemed unique and the research behind the program was credible.

I’m no longer skeptical. SHUT-i is much more effective than anything I’ve tried before. My sleep efficiency has improved significantly, the amount of hours I actually sleep has increased, and I’m more relaxed.

It’s been six months since I first used the program, but SHUTi has given me the tools and techniques to be confident that I can handle even temporary reductions in sleep that may occur in the future. I’m very positive about SHUT-i and very impressed with the results.



I’ve been an appallingly poor, erratic sleeper with sleep issues for more than 20 years. I’ve tried many things before to solve my insomnia. I decided to give SHUT-i a go because it seemed innovative and was backed by credible scientific research.

Now, after using SHUT-i, most nights I get about 6 hours restful sleep and it’s rare for me to have a sleepless night. And I’m more confident that I can manage my sleep issues. If I do have a bad night, I give it until tomorrow and I know I’ll be back to my ‘new’ normal. The sleep restriction period was hard, but the comprehensive, well-structured approach in SHUT-i worked for me.

I’ve already recommended SHUTi to my own physician for his other patients with chronic insomnia. I’m very pleased with results.