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Provent Sleep Apnoea Therapy

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30 night supply
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Experience the science of silence!

Provent Therapy is a simple and effective solution for sleep apnoea. Provent patches fit comfortably over the nose and are disposable, small and discreet. Ideal for use at home or while traveling (many customers who wear CPAP masks at home use Provent when they travel).

Provent is ideal for anyone who has tried other treatments (e.g. CPAP, medication or dental split) unsuccessfully and is effective in treating both Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and snoring. However, if you are not suffering from OSA, but do struggle with snoring, then Theravent Snore Therapy may be the solution for you.

Please consult with your physician before using Provent Therapy for sleep apnoea.

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How to Use Provent

how to use provent sleep apnea therapy

Provent patches are applied directly to the nostrils, each night before bed.

The application and instruction guides (PDFs) below will walk you through how to apply the Provent patches correctly and provide you tips to adjust to wearing it.

Please consult with your physician before using Provent for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.



How Does Provent Work?

2 small provent therapy plugsProvent is powered by your own breath, which creates Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP) to maintain an open airway and enable natural breathing. As you breathe in, Provent's proprietary MicroValves open so inhalation feels normal and is nearly unobstructed. As you breathe out Provent's MicroValves close, restricting airflow and creating resistance, or EPAP.

Clinical studies have shown that 83% of patients experienced a snoring reduction with Provent Therapy. Among OSA patients that snore, Provent Therapy virtually eliminated snoring in 58% of patients.

Advantages of using Provent

  1. Reduces likelihood of other health risks
  2. Clinically tested and FDA-approved
  3. Treats all severities of sleep apnoea successfully
  4. Not a mask or a (noisy) machine (does not require electricity)
  5. Small, discreet and disposable
  6. Portable, ideal for travelling
  7. Available without a prescription

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Product Reviews

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  1. works for my husband 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Oct 2017

    My husband doesn't like wearing them but it sure stops the snoring

  2. to stop snoring 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jun 2017

    Most of the time they work, but if I do snore on some occasions it is not as bad without the Provent. They are expensive but I guess you will always pay to stop the snoring and save the marriage!
    Thank you for the review and it is good to hear that Provent works most of the time. Tips to improve the effectiveness of Provent are try sleeping just on your side. If you find it works well when on your side but not on your back we have the NightShift lateral sleep device to prevent back sleeping. Sedative medication or alcohol can make Sleep Apnea or Snoring worse, if the snoring coincides with having a few drinks then reducing alcohol or not drinking 4hrs before sleep can help. As for cost Provent is about the same as a cup of purchased coffee or an Auto CPAP when you buy a new mask every year. One hour of a divorce lawyers time probably buys 3-4 months of Provent so we agree it is much much cheaper. Ben – www.homemed.com.au.

  3. Provent therapy 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Nov 2016

    I wish these came in sizes as I have to overlap the two (stickers) to get them to fit on my smaller sized nose.
    Response from Ben Greenaway at Homemed.com.au
    Thank you for the feedback. Reading between the lines I think the device is therefore working but you are having some challenges with the fit. When designing the product the designers tried to pick a size that fitted all. IE the inner part is small enough to fit in almost all noses. The Surrounding adhesive fits and seals on both small and large noses alike. On most noses Proven does slightly overlap this is ok so long as you are not blocking the exhalation port or too much of the inhalation micro valves. Please call us if you need any further assistance on 1300 76 72 79 or send us a picture of the devices on your nose to sales@homemed.com.au

    Best regards
    Ben Greenaway

  4. Good product 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd May 2016

    Works well. Helps with snoring and feeing much more alert when I first wake up.

  5. snore no more 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Mar 2016

    Good product but wish it came in sizes as I find that my two pieces overlap and sometimes the seal isn't as good as it could be.

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