PEPE Airway Clearance Respiratory Device


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PEPE Vibratory PEP device-A Natural Treatment for Asthma, COPD & Other Respiratory conditions. 

What is PEPE?

PEPE is an affordable, effective and natural lung physiotherapy PEP device manufactured in Australia. The PEPE device is a handheld mucus clearance respiratory device that loosens and eliminates mucus build up or phlegm from your airways. The PEPE uses Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure or PEP Therapy for patients with mucus producing respiratory conditions. The PEPE device is a pipe shaped device with a hard plastic mouthpiece at one end, a protective perforated plastic cover at the other end and a stainless steel ball resting in a circular cone inside the PEPE device. 

Over-the-counter medication simply relaxes the muscles and relieves inflammation, it does not clear the build-up of mucus in the airways. The accumulation of mucus in the lungs causes a decline in lung capacity.  The PEPE device (Positive Expiratory Pressure Exerciser or vibratory PEP device's vibratory flutter effectively clears mucus from the airways and strengthens the lungs. The PEPE device can also be used as a lung exerciser that is suitable for athletes as well as physically active people to increase their lung capacity. 

This combined actions helps move the mucus up the airways so that it can be coughed out. Daily airway clearance with the PEPE (Positive Expiratory Pressure Exerciser) can help break this cycle of lung infection and lung damage.


What are the benefits of the PEPE Device- Positive Expiratory Pressure Exerciser 

  • Affordable & effective treatment for many respiratory conditions such as asthma attacks
  • Easy to clean PEP device
  • Easy to operate and does not require electricity or water.
  • Helps clear the airways & enhances lung function
  • Light weight & small
  • Made in Australia 
  • 100% Natural Lung Expansion Device
  • Drug free
  • Similar to the Flutter mucus clearance device

What can the PEPE Airway Clearance Device be used for?

Regular use of the PEPE (Positive Expiratory Pressure Exerciser) device will help clear the mucous and improve your breathing The PEPE device is an effective PEP therapy treatment widely recommended as a Respiratory physio tool for patients with respiratory conditions such as: 

  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Asthma treatment 
  • Bronchiectasis
  • COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) 
  • Smokers 
  • Most other disorders resulting in retained secretions
  • Lung strengthening and expansion 
  • Chest cold and flu 
  • Pneumoconiosis or Black Lung disease or Coal workers' pneumoconiosis (CWP)

Why is Airway Clearance important?

In many chronic pulmonary conditions there is a build-up of secretions in the airway walls. These secretions, when stuck in the airways can block the airways, making breathing difficult, and provide an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply and thrive. Therefore, airway clearance can be critical to your treatment.  Daily airway clearance and lung expansion with the oscillating PEP device can help break this cycle of lung infection and lung damage.


How to use the PEPE device:

The PEPE natural lung physio device vibrates the airways which loosens mucus and secretions from the airway wall. The intermittent increase in pressure helps keep the airways open during exhalation so that the mucus does not become trapped and can move up the airway. The rapid exhalation that creates the oscillations helps push the mucus up the airway to where it can be coughed out. 

Follow the steps below to use the PEPE device:


Step 1: Mucus Loosening 

The patient should be seated with back straight and head slightly tilted upward so the upper airway is open. Slowly inhale to 3/4th of the a full breath, place the PEPE device in the mouth with lips sealed firmly and tube of the PEP device is horizontal. Hold your breath for 2-3 seconds, this allows the inhaled air to be distributed evenly throughout the lungs. Now exhale through the PEPE device reasonably fast but not too forceful. Remember to keep the cheeks stiff so the vibrations produced by the PEPE device are not wasted in the cheeks. At this point you should start feeling the mucus moving further up the airways with each  exhalation. Concentrate on feeling the airways vibrate and continue to exhale through the PEPE device slightly further (longer exhales) than exhaling during normal breathing without the device. Repeat this breathing technique 5-10 times to loosen the mucus as much as possible. Emphasis should be on inhaling slowly, holding the breath for 2-3 seconds and exhaling quickly but not being forceful. 

Now you will be ready to begin step 2: Mucus Elimination

Slowly inhale, perform the 2–3 second breath hold and then forcibly exhale through the PEPE as completely as possible. This forceful exhalation should move the mucus up to a level that triggers a cough.
Therapy is complete when no further mucus can be coughed up.

Frequency and duration can be determined by a health professional.



OR Click here PEPE Instructions (PDF) to download the PDF and print the PEPE Device instructions. 

How does the PEPE device work?

When you exhale or breathe out through the PEP device or the PEPE your breath moves the steel ball inside the device. This results in vibrations in the airway that loosens mucus or phlegm. The slight increase in pressure helps in keeping your airway open during exhalation so that the mucus does not become trapped and can easily move up the airway. The combined action of vibrations and pressure pushed the mucus up your airways progressively until you are able to cough it out. 



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  • 4

    Posted by Yvonne on 4th Feb 2020

    Appears to be working, It will take some weeks to determine results.

  • 5
    True to claim - physio for airway

    Posted by Peter on 8th Dec 2019

    It works! Made in Queensland too! Wise investment and easy to clean. Others have heard my recommendations and purchased.

  • 5
    So good 10 out of 10

    Posted by Miguel Zamora on 29th Aug 2019

    Arrived quickly in the mail works wonderfully

  • 5

    Posted by Angelita Virkki on 14th Sep 2018

    I tried one at the hospital but it is different & wont even lock when i tried to put it together. It was red colour.
    Reply from HomeMed:
    Thank you Angelita we are glad you enjoyed our product and preferred it to the alternatives.

  • 4
    flutter review

    Posted by Leanne on 28th Nov 2017

    My husband has lung disease and we were recommended that we got a flutter. Absolutely wonderful. Easy to use and small so he can pop it in his pocket.