Light Therapy for Overcoming Jet Lag

Frequent Flyers: Feel Bright Light, the travel habit of successful people


The body has a 24 hour sleep and wake cycle, which is in part regulated by light and dark. The feeling of jet lag (medically referred to as desycnchronosis) is a physiological condition which results from changes to the body's circadian rhythms resulting from rapid transitions across multiple time-zones. 

Jet lag may last several days until you feel fully adjusted to the new time zone. Symptoms include fatigue and general tiredness, nausea inability to sleep at night, loss of concentration, loss of drive and headaches.



94% of passengers experience jet lag after a long haul flight. Indoor lighting is not strong enough or the correct wavelength of light to re- time your body clock. A portable light device is needed to assist you re-time your body.Using the Feel Bright Light prior to departure allows you to begin adjusting your body clock before you leave. This can reduce the effects of jet lag and improve your alertness levels.

“Using a light device allows you to transition your body clock to a new time zone in small steps. This eliminates the sudden change people experience with jet lag and hence reduces the symptoms of jet lag,” says Professor Leon lack from Flinders University.
Other good tips to combat jet lag is try and get enough sleep while travelling, eating small and healthy meals regularly and drink plenty of fluids.