iVolve F1B Full-Face Mask


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** NEW** BMC iVolve F1B Full Face Mask Mask - 3 size options available (S/M/L)

The iVolve F1B by BMC is a new double-cushion full-face mask that is designed to provide you with excellent respiratory comfort and care. The human-optimized mask features ensures therapy is as comfortable as possible for every user.


BMC iVolve F1B Full Face Mask Features

  •  Double the cushions, twice the stability

 F1B maintains BMC`s classic double-cushion design with enhanced comfort and stability.

  •  Unique forehead adjustment

 The fully adjustable forehead support feature is on the cutting-edge of CPAP mask comfort. It is designed to fit the limitless morphology of human facial structure and ensure that air leaks are kept to an absolute minimum.

  •  Upgraded headgear clips

 Easy lock, quick release.

  •  Multi functional ports

Convenient bilateral ports on the mask face allow for direct oxygen input.

  •  Minimal Design, Light - comfortable and easy to clean
  • 3 sizes available

Small, Medium, Large


How to use: Patient Fitting and Instructions