CryoVest Cryotherapy Sport Vest


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Cryovest Sport Cooling Thermoregulation Vest


CryoVest offers more than 2 hours of comfortable thermo regulation in 3 different types of vests each designed for specific applications.

Sport Cryovest is a cooling vest suitable for athletes to improve their athletic performance, prevents muscle fatigue and injuries caused during recovery. With this thermo-regulation vest, training or competitions can carry on. 

It can be used in pre-cooling during physical preparation: Before a sports competition during your warm up. The Cryovest Sport is also used in post-cooling phase to improve your physical recovery.It is the only cooling vest that ensures constant non-aggressive cooling over long periods of time. The athlete can, if he wishes, use only part of the pockets and distribute the cold according to his desire while gaining lightness. 

  • One of the lightest of its kind at 1.9 kg in Australia.
  • Cryovest diffuses a non-aggressive cold (Temperature between 1 ° C and 5 ° C allowing the jacket to be worn on the skin without risk of burns) and long-lasting with an autonomy of 90min in port (recommended wearing time 20 min)
  • Cold compresses remains malleable
  • Ergonomic and Comfortable; does not restrict movement, provides lumbar support with elastic straps on either side.

CRYOVEST Sport integrate 8 FirstIce cold bags (must be cooled in the freezer for 2 hours only)

  • 4 cold bags (15 X 15 cms) in the front,
  • 4 cold bags in the back

Please call our customer service for sizing assistance.