BMC Luna iQ Auto CPAP Machine with Humidifier - 2018 Tender Model


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The Newly Released BMC Luna IQ G2S Machine with Integrated Humidifier by BMC is a new Low cost Tender Model designed for Government CPAP programs where cost is the primary requirement.  The Luna Lux or the Luna GII is the flagship BMC model.

attention-png5.png  Please be advised that the BMC Luna IQ CPAP Machine may be smaller, but it utilizes BMC's outdated version of technology (GI/Generation I), and has simply been repackaged for 2018

  • The LUNA IQ doesn’t have a flow sensor
  • No CSA (Central Sleep Apnea) Detection
  • Reduced pressure stability
  • Previous GI (Generation I) technology
  • Humidifier Can not be removed for travel

About Auto CPAP Machines

The Automatic Positive Airway Pressure (APAP/AUTO) Machines are set up with a minimum and maximum setting. The AUTO Machine adjusts up and down between these ranges throughout the sleep period to treat OSA.

Usually, AUTO Machines will stay at the minimum (start pressure) while the patient is awake. During sleep, the AUTO Machine will increase and reduce the pressure as required. Typically the pressure is higher when the patient is sleeping on their back and less when on their side. The pressure will also vary depending on the different sleep stages. The AUTO Machine will cope with all these changes by varying the pressure automatically as required.

As patient pressure requirements can change over time with weight variations and increasing age, AUTO Machines are considered more future proof, as they generally keep pace with these changes. The benefit of CPAP therapy is that by helping to keep your upper airway open during sleep, snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea events are reduced to a level acceptable to your Doctor’s and/or Sleep Physicians. Patients often report that the effective treatment of OSA significantly reduces excessive daytime sleepiness and a much more restful and deep, satisfying sleep.

Price includes a 5-year machine warranty and Free Shipping, nationwide.


  • AUTO Mode (Pressure Adjusts Automatically)
  • Titration Mode (Pressure Adjusts Automatically)
  • CPAP Mode (Fixed Pressure)
  • Heated humidifier Included
  • Minimum Pressure 4cmH20
  • Maximum Pressure 20cmH20
  • Exhalation Pressure Relief setting
  • Auto airflow start
  • Auto airflow stop
  • Ramp Time 0 ~ 60 Minutes
  • 2.4-inch color screen
  • On-screen review of last night's sleep data
  • Apnea sensitivity adjustment
  • Mask removal alarm
  • Power failure alert Sound level
  • TGA Registered
  • Remote sleep data reports (using iCodes)
  • AC Power 110V~240V
  • Android App available
  • iPhone App available
  • 5-year Manufacturers Warranty


What's included in this purchase:

  • BMC Luna IQ Auto
  • Luna Heated Humidifier
  • CPAP Hose (6' = 1.8m long)
  • Power cord
  • Australian power supply
  • Travel carry bag Air filter
  • Spare air filter (1)
  • Instruction manual
  • Quick start guide
  • Sleep therapy software 4GB SD card/memory chip

Important Tips

Cleaning: Clean the water chamber before using the humidifier for the first time. It is important to clean the water chamber once a week. The humidifier exterior may be cleaned with running water and a mild cleanser. After rinsing the humidifier, make sure to dry the lid and body entirely.

Travel: Empty the water from the humidifier water chamber before placing the machine and humidifier in the BMC carrying case. This case is designed to hold the device as well as the accessories in order to protect each part while traveling.

Elevation Settings: Set the elevation setting depending on the need, If the elevation setting is wrong the machine may produce an inaccurate pressure, if the atmospheric pressure surpasses the noted range, the leak alert may not work at its optimal potential.

Power: The Luna CPAP is capable of operating on 100 to 240 V and 50 / 60 Hz., the Luna machine can operate in any country, in some cases, a power socket adapter may be necessary.

5 year Manufacturers Warranty

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